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Hi, my name is Erdem ARIKSOY. I am an economist graduated from METU (Medial East Technical University - Turkey) but working as a professional carpenter for the last 14 years with my sister Nilgün Arıksoy Baillie and brother in law Rick Baillie.

But in my profile picture you can see the real boss of our worksop "THE LUCKY DEVIL" (who unfornutalely passed away 8 years ago).

My journey in professional life started in 1995. I worked as a government officer, established my export import company and in 2009 I decided to be a carpenter that I wanted to be since my childhood. My inspiration was Cyrus Harding, Neb, Pencroft, Herbert and Gideon Spilett, my childhood heros in the novel by Jules Verne "L'île mystérieuse - Mysterious Island"

In our workshop we mainly manufacture wooden puzzles (like pentomino, 7 pieces tangram), ultrasound picture frames, Hi-Fi Oak Cable Holders, kubb, cigar humidors, special wooden boxes on demand, cutting boards and wooden furniture.

We also manufacture bezique markers that is very rare all around the world.

All our products are hand made product and we are trying to be achieve max quality instead of quantity.

We can also manufacture various kinds of wooden products upon special demand (custom products)

Thank you all and wish you health, peace, love and prosperity.
We wish you will enjoy our products.

Best regards